Steve Kalorin - Vocals / Bass Guitar

Steve's love for music started as a child and by his later teenage years he decided to ask for an electric guitar for his birthday. After asking for a "guitar" he was given a "bass" guitar as gift for his 17th birthday. He fell in love with the deep tone and driving force that the bass created and decide to try to play it as if it were exactly what is was a bass "Guitar". Eventually he developed his own style in which he tries to speak through in every Woodfish song.

Chris Macock - Guitar

Guitarist Chris Macock found his musical calling at an early age playing classical paino and then switching over to the guitar after hearing players such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and  Nuno Bettencourt.. Prior to hooking up with the Woodfish, Chris was actually a fan first who began filling in on shows when previous guitarists could not play. Chris is now consider Woodfish family and has been playing shows since. Also be sure to check out Chris in his own project -> The Inversion Circus at

Dominic Kalorin - Drums


Influenced from everyone from Buddy Rich and Stewart Copeland to Neil Peart, Dom loves to bang the crap out of his drums in the most rhythmic way possible. End of story.